Our Investment Philosophy
PRP seeks to protect investor capital and improve value
  • Current and future cash flow ultimately determines an asset’s value
  • Low property basis, property location and asset quality are paramount in the screening process
  • Rigorous due diligence
  • Conservative cash flow projection assumptions
  • Detailed assessment of possible downside scenarios
  • Strategies that are successful irrespective of current market and economic cycles
  • Focus on deriving profit from executing business plans on a property-by-property basis – whether turning around a distressed asset or repositioning a property
  • No reliance on momentum-based strategies to drive returns
  • Risk-controlled, diversified portfolio is pursuant to specific investment guidelines intended to lower risk by limiting concentrations in certain sectors
  • Targeting smaller, middle market transactions provides diversification in the number of investments ultimately acquired
  • Focus on properly structuring the appropriate leverage on each investment is critical
  • No reliance on excessive leverage or financial engineering to manufacture returns
  • Acquire high-quality and well-located assets with appeal for a wide array of ultimate buyers
  • Focus on projects with multiple exit strategies, including private one-off sales, portfolio sales within common asset classes or recapitalization